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Google's Mind Reading Device

January, 2014


Motorola Mobility, a Google-owned company, filed to patent a tiny device that can detect your thoughts through your unspoken words. According to the patent, your thought-words could then be sent out to control a mobile device.

This device is designed to be printed onto your neck like a tattoo. How thrilled are you about wearable tech that can be affixed right onto your body and transmit private words to your mobile device?

Remember, this device is owned by Google, who has been recently identified as a NSA cohort.


News of Google’s mind reading device got publicized in November 2013. According to the patent filed, “A system and method provides auxiliary voice input a mobile communication device (MCD). The system comprises an electronic skin tattoo capable of being applied to a throat region of a body.”

The patent goes on to state that the tattooed circuitry would consist of a microphone, wireless transceiver, power supply, and a signal controller. The way the device would pick up a user’s thoughts is that the microphone is sensitive enough to detect sub-vocalized words or even the neural signals that the brain sends to the vocal chords when we speak internally to ourselves.


Google wants you to believe that it is marketing the INVASION OF OUR THOUGHTS device out of the goodness of its heart. It is selling you propaganda about its usefulness to consumers by claiming the device would simplify things by allowing users to send unspoken "thought" messages, without the need to manually enter them. It could also be used in the event of an accident or be used by the disabled who can't vocalize words. Ah, yes. The 'disabled' card always works.

A mind reading throat tattoo? How dumbed down have we become? Google has been slammed over a number of issues with privacy in recent years...but this one really takes the cake!

Here's an excerpt from the patent: The sentence on page 7 states, “Controller of electronic tattoo can be configured to execute programs or instructions to enable communicative coupling of the electronic tattoo to external electronic devices such as a smartphone, a gaming device, a tablet computer, a wearable computer, for example.”

The alarm bells go off when you realize that the patent never states that the controller would be solely the wearer of the tattoo, leaving it open for Motorola Mobility (i.e. Google), to remain in control of your thoughts! Additionally, the patent states that each tattoo will have a unique identifier. That means if multiple tattoos on different wearers are in a crowded area, signals cannot be crossed.

Think about it. This unique identifier could be used to track and identify specific users and smacks of THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Larry Page, Google CEO and Co-Founder joins the list of eligible Antichrist candidates.

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