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Winning The Battle With Evil

November, 2013


THE MATRIX is more than just a film…It's an awakening to our false ego and the illusion of time and space.

By identifying with the material world and the false ego, the soul lives in fear of death and is a programmed slave to lust, greed, anger and envy.

Although there is a gradual awakening in the hearts and minds of the population to the sinister agenda of the evilocracy, the real solutions are not protesting, revolution of even waking people up to an evil agenda.



The Matrix movie leaves you with the nagging fear that we might actually be living in a computer generated universe staged by a malevolent artificial intelligence using the human race as an energy farm. In the movie, people walk around interacting with others, but their physical bodies are "plugged into" the Matrix, while their vital life force energy is being sucked out of them to power the Matrix.

Prior to the release of the Matrix film, western intelligence agencies were already using the term "the Matrix" to describe today's world. To gather intelligence, they hired 'remote viewers' with the ability to "escape the Matrix" .

We already know that the corporate media monopolies are feeding us a daily diet of news stories and movies that reinforce negative fear-based thoughts and emotions. Left unchecked, the Matrix gets darker and more dense as we give up more freedom, accept imposed limitations and defer our power to authority figures and experts.


The first step in transcending the Matrix is recognizing that it is not evil. It provides us with an educational playground of self discovery. When we incarnate on earth, we suspend the higher truth of who we really are and we begin identifying with a false ego and the false reality of time and space. There is no need for us to rebel against it. Instead, we can learn to "be in this world, but not of this world."

As Shakespeare said, we are merely "actors" in a divine play. Suffering and evil are as much our teachers as joy and goodness. Once we realize that the villains of the world are just actors in the divine play, they are rendered completely powerless because they cease to exist as real within this fake matrix. When we wake up to that knowledge, the play does not stop. We are free to continue playing our chosen roles, interacting, learning and growing. That's why we are here.

Escaping the Matrix is a metaphor for the mystic path to enlightenment.

The outer world of illusion is like a mirror. It reflects back to us our individual and collective thoughts and beliefs. Low vibration emotions like fear and anger will naturally diminish as we practice transcending to higher states of consciousness and "being in this world, but not of this world." That is how we win the battle with evil.

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