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Obama's Female Classmate Tells All

November, 2013


This is a recent "must see" interview.

Mia Marie Pope was one of Obama’s childhood aquaintance’s when he used the name Barry Soetoro. She first met Obama back in 1977 when she lived in his neighborhood in Hawaii. She went to school with him and had regular interaction with him.

The interviewer asked Mia who is now a Christian, why she went public and she answered, “I wouldn’t be here today if Obama was not destroying my country."


“During those years, as neighborhood kids, we’d hang out. He always portrayed himself as a foreign student and it was common knowledge Barry was strictly into men.” Not one woman has come forward who ever dated him because he never dated women.

Pope believes Soetoro had sex with older white men in order to get his cocaine to freebase and suspected that he got his cocaine from them. In school, he was well known as being an egotistical pathological liar and he had few friends, says Pope. He would humbly con and bum a cigarette from you, then snub you once he got it.

At 18:13 in the video, Mia talks about a picture of Barry Soetoro (Obama) dressed in a leather green drag outfit (shown). She said, it couldn't have been just a dare because his boots were a man's size and had to be custom made for him. She remembers seeing Barry dress up as a transvestite for the 70's cult movie, Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Barry's own mother had little to do with him and his grandmother never talked highly about him since there was nothing good to say.
During the interview, Pope dropped a couple of other nuggets including how she contacted the FBI about Obama’s multiple social security numbers only to be ignored.

The fact that Barry got straight into a prestigious school after coming straight from Indonesia would have been impossible unless someone set him up.

The interviewer asked Mia if she feared for her life knowing that three gay men associated with Obama had been silenced (murdered) all within a matter of days before his election campaign. Mia said, "if someone else sees someone who is not afraid to come forward, maybe others will come forward too. I refuse to live my life as a coward, “I believe if you submit to evil, you are serving it!

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