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The Crimes Of Stanley Kubrick

July 25, 2013


Jewish filmmaker Stanley Kubrick's daring 1962 film, Lolita, is sympathetic towards middle aged males and their lustful sexual obsession with children.

To get away with glorifying the sexualization of a child, Kubrick bent the rules and tricked the religious and right-wing censors of the time.

The movie theme of Lolita is not just suggestive of paedophilia. The theme IS paedophilia. In the opening shot, we see a pubescent young girl played by 14 year old actress Sue Lyon. We see her soft foot and a middle-aged man's hand delicately applying nail polish to her toes as he subtly rubs his fingers against her young skin.

In another scene, we see Humbert making love to his frumpy wife while looking at a photograph of his wife’s young daughter, Lolita. The implication is that he is aroused, not by his wife, but by the fantasy of having sex with an underage girl who is laying in the sun, wearing a seductive expression, a bikini, a sun-hat and heart-shaped sunglasses, while she is licking a lollipop (symbolic penis).

Based on the notorious novel of the same name, Kubrick departed from the book’s plot on one significant point. Through the enhanced role of Peter Sellers’ character, he hints at the existence of a paedophile network active in procuring underage girls. 

Brooke Shields, at 13-years-old, played the title role in Louis Malle's Pretty Baby (1978) and Jodie Foster portrayed a child prostitute in Martin Scorcese's Taxi Driver (1972) What effect did these salacious sexualizations of children on the big screen have on viewers?


Kubrick's movie, Eyes Wide Shut, is about a rich group of men holding sex orgies in different mansions throughout upper state New York. Kubrick invites his audeince into the sexual underground and shows the dark sexual practises of the world’s elite - the bizarre rituals, the sex cult, the infidelity, the paedophilia and possible elite murder. 

Eyes Wide Shut is peppered with occult and Masonic visual references and hints at underage prostitution amongst New York’s privileged classes.  Jay Weidner claims the movie exposes a paedophile ring that supplied children to the rich and powerful.


There are theories that Kubrick was murdered for exposing a conspiracy at the highest levels of power in Eyes Wide Shut. He died, some say mysteriously, four days after screening his final cut of the movie which was suspiciously and mercilessly re-cut after his death. Some conspiracists point to the preponderance of Illuminati symbolism in his films, his clean bill of health prior to dying, and the strange editorial butchering of the film before its release as evidence there was more going on here than meets the eye.

Believers of this theory view the prevalence of Illuminati symbols in his films are more than just the result of unconscious archetypes. They are evidence that Kubrick himself was a part of the Illuminati, and was using his films as a vehicle for communication with outsiders to reveal the existence of a globalist synarchy. Indeed, many if not all of his films–including The Shining, 2001, and A Clockwork Orange–are full of Illuminati symbols, most notably the one eye symbol.

The secret society portrayed in Eyes Wide Shut has been compared to the Masons because of the association with ritualized sex magic orgies in which human blood is sacrificed. This association is also tied to Satanism and pedophilia, both of which are alluded to in the film. There is even a character named after the creator of the Church of Satan, Anton Sandor LaVey; and the Rainbow store owner’s underage daughter is depicted as a prostitute to rich men.

The title Eyes Wide Shut, is a calling card phrase among secret society "insiders", meaning ‘my eyes are shut to your misdeeds, brother.’ This sworn anonymity is required of the participants to protect the society’s moneyed elite from exposure. For as one character in the film says, “If I told you their names I don’t think you’d sleep so well.” The title Eyes Wide Shut also reveals how we, the "outsiders", all see but are completely blind to what the NWO truly does.

The only moral code practiced by Kubrick and the Hollywood Illuminati is the rule that they must tell us what they are going to do to us before they do it...knowing that our eyes are wide shut.


Conspiracy theorists have long maintained that man has never really landed on the Moon – that the fabled Apollo moon missions were fraudulent and “orchestrated” by NASA.

Conspiracy buffs believe that U.S. technology simply could not have engineered the extraordinary undertaking of sending a spacecraft almost a quarter-million miles to the Moon through the Van Allen radiation belt and safely landed astronauts on the surface – then brought them back to earth in one piece.

Some theorists allege that NASA officials approached Kubrick sometime in early 1968 (when production of "2001" was finishing) and asked him to film "footage" depicting an earth ship landing on the moon and a space traveler (Armstrong) walking on the lunar surface.

Indeed, "2001" expertly and movingly depicted not only a grand vessel flying to the moon, but also detailed a complex and sophisticated human colony there.

Conspiracy buffs believe the Apollo 11 take-off from Florida and the splashdown in the Pacific Ocean a few days later were real – but everything in between amounted to a fictitious Kubrick production.

Where were Armstrong and his crew after they lifted off from earth? Conspiracy theorists allege they remained in their craft in a low orbit around the earth before they received a “signal” from Houston to begin their descent back to terra firma.

In essence, they claim that both Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 missions (the latter in November 1969) were bogus – that Kubrick and a team of special-effects experts filmed phony landing missions at a sound studio in Huntsville, Ala. and elsewhere.

If the moon landings were indeed fake considering the thousands of people involved in these operations and the tens of billions of dollars expended, it would amount to the greatest, most magnificent "Illuminati" hoax in human history.

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