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Kate's Fake Pregnancy - Part 1

June 27, 2013


It doesn't take much Googling to confirm that affluent women are renting another woman's womb (gestational surrogacy) to avoid the pain, labour, morning sickness, weight gain, swollen ankles and stretch marks of pregnancy.

They do it because of vanity and they do it because they don’t want to wreak havoc on their shapely bodies even if it means sacrificing the birth- bonding experience.

Rumors have swirled about Beyonce faking her pregnancy and using a surrogate.

As far back as 2001, The Sunday Times (UK) carried a story about social surrogacy. Reporter Tessa Mayes found that successful businesswomen, actresses, athletes and models are among those opting for ‘social surrogacy’ to avoid pregnancy.

Dr. Stuart Fischoff, a psychologist who consults with the film and television industries, talked with the Toronto Sun about why surrogacy is gaining ground in Hollywood. “Celebrities can afford the same luxury of avoiding bearing and birthing and not have to worry about societal clucking," he said. They can avoid the medical risks, avoid losing precious time from their careers and avoid working to get back in shape after the pregnancy weight again. These women want off-the-shelf adoption (Bullock, Madonna, Brangelina) or straight from the factory surrogacy. (Kidman, Bassett, Sara Jessica Parker, Taylor Dane).

Alternative Reproductive Resources has had prospective clients ask them to find a surrogate to carry their child, not because they can’t have one, but because they want a "no fuss" pregnancy. They want to pay someone else to do the morning sickness and labour. Surrogates charge a basic fee upwards of $18,000.


In People, former pop star Taylor Dayne arranged for single parenthood through surrogacy. “Some women love being pregnant, but I didn’t need that.” said Taylor. "I had a surrogate carry it, and it was my egg. I went for one, and I got two."

In 2001, Taylor's surrogate got pregnant with twins while Taylor was on Broadway. "She called me up and told me. I’m very proud of the achievement. I didn’t want to lose the window of opportunity. I’d been through enough relationships where nothing stuck, and somebody mentioned a surrogate when I was thinking about adoption. I said ‘a surrogate? What's that?’ and they said, ‘rent a womb.’ "

Kate's vanity-run-amok is unmistakably the cause of her emaciation.

Her obsession with a twiggy fashion-queen body image caused her weight to plunge to 92 pounds (42 kg) at the time of her pregnancy, according to sources.



This youtube shows an ultra-realistic silicone fake pregnancy belly that feels like real skin to the touch and has the appearance of a genuine pregnant tummy. The prosthetic Silicone Belly can be used to simulate pregnancy for surrogacy.

The belly fits comfortably under maternity clothing and has even been worn on the TV show Eastenders and by models at top maternity fashion stores.

The fake pregnancy belly is available in a range of maternity bump sizes - 4, 6 or 9 months.


Kate and William were married on April 29th, 2011 and publicly stated their plans to start a family. A year and a half later - no pregnancy. With Kate's plunging weight loss, the public started questioning William's virility and Kate's fertility.

Finally, on December 3rd, 2012, the palace announced Kate's (fake) pregnancy. The announcement silenced the virility and fertility rumours. Kate's vanity, her emaciated condition, the pain and risks of childbirth and the many months of havoc that pregnancy wreaks on an underweight body are some of the reasons why the couple would have hired a surrogate.


Kate's pregnancy was announced on December 3rd, 2012. It was also announced that Kate had been hospitalized for morning sickness on December 2nd where she remained in hospital for four days.

Why did Kate really need hospitalization? The Windsor royals are trillionaires. They have round-the-clock medical staff and medical facilities at their massive estate that would have been available to treat Kate's alleged morning sickness.

Surely the only reason Kate needed to be hospitalized was for some sort of surgery. 


Gestational surrogacy involves implanting the externally fertilized embryo of the biological mother (Kate) and the biological father (William) into a surrogate woman's uterus so she can carry the couple's baby full term and deliver it for them.

After an HCG injection, egg retrieval from Kate's ovaries would have taken between 34 and 36 hours. William would have provided a semen specimen and Kate's retrieved egg would have been fertilized "in vitrio" in the medical laboratory. Embryo transfer into the surrogate woman's uterus would have occured 3 days after fertilization.

Kate, William and the surrogate's baby is due in July...but since the "in vitrio" conception occured on December 3rd, 2012, the baby is due around September 5th, 2013 - unless it is delivered prematurely by caesarian section.

Kate's hospital stay from December 2nd to December 6th, 2012 was a royal headline grabber. The royals love to create headline news stories to boost their celebrity status and to stay popular and interesting to the public. By splashing their faces on the covers of glossy magazines at local supermarkets, they remain fixed in the public consciousness.

Kate's hospital stay not only grabbed global headlines, it convinced the world that Kate really was pregnant.


Remember Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who was duped in "the royal phone call scandal"? Three days after the call, she was found hanged. The news media called it a suicide.

What was fishy about the story is that the nurse had access to a pharmacy of drugs that she could have used to commit suicide. Why would she choose such a violent death by hanging herself when she had other options? There was no evidence that she was suicidal, unstable or psychologically frail, nor was she reprimanded, suspended or disciplined in any way.

The news media wanted the public to believe that the nurse took her own life out of shame and embarassment for transfering the prank call.

Jacintha Saldanha had access to Kate's medical records and medical procedures. Surveillance of her phone calls could have revealed that she knew too much and that she needed to be silenced.

The palace couldn't risk a leak to the media that Kate and Britain's future King rented the womb of a surrogate(s) and faked Kate's pregnancy. That news would have been disastrous for the reputation of the heartless royals and their future King.

Jacintha Saldanha's death was blamed by the media on the prank call in order to put a stop to any murder investigation. A murder investigation might have proved that an MI6 agent snuck into her flat, forced her to write a suicide note, then strangled her with a scarf and hung her inside her wardrobe closet.

In one of three letters that Jacintha may have been forced to write, she said, "Please accept my apologies. I am truly sorry. Thank you for all your support." Another note said, "I hold the Radio Australians Mel Greig and Michael Christian responsible for this act. Please make them pay my mortgage. I am sorry. Jacintha." Does this sound authentic?

Jacintha's body "bore injury marks on the wrist, a medical report, based on her autopsy, stated." The unexplained body injury marks on her wrist were possbly the result of being apprehended by her murderer who made her death appear to be a suicide.

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