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Mandela Is A Hero Nonsense

December 15, 2013


Queen Elizabeth II and George W. Bush never pass out awards to anyone who isn't serving their agenda in some way. So when a person gets an award from both of them, you know that "person" is up to no good.

Nelson Mandella received the Sovereign Military Hospitalier Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knight Of Malta award from the Queen and he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom award from George W. Bush.


We think we choose our public heroes but the truth is - they are chosen for us.

Upon his release from prison after 27 years and his election as South Africa's first black President (1994-99), Nelson Mandela understood who the real power-brokers are and he understood their New World Order agenda.

The "new world order that is in the making must focus on the creation of a world of democracy, peace and prosperity for all." - Nelson Mandela, in the Philadelphia Inquirer (October 1994)

Did the conditions for black South Africans improve after Mandela swept into power?

Has there been any change for the poorest of the poor?

Does Nelson Mandela deserve to be worshipped beyond scrutiny?

The answer is a resounding NO!!!


South Africa is probably the richest country on Earth for natural resources. It has by far the richest gold seams in the world, uranium, platinum, plutonium, zinc, coal, copper, chrome, diamonds, gems. You name it and South Africa has an abundance of it.

Today South Africa is a cauldron of filth, murder, rape and poverty. Sixty two thousand children are raped every year in South Africa. Between 1994 and 2004, two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) murders were commited in South Africa.

In 2006, only 5,000 of the more than 35 million black South Africans earned more than $60,000. A quarter of the entire population lived in shacks without running water or electricity. A quarter have no access to clean water. 40% have no telephone. The number of people living on $1 a day doubled from two to four million. The unemployment rate doubled to 48% from 1991-2002. (It is 25.2% today.) The HIV/AIDS/TB infection rate is 20%. Life expectancy dropped by 13 years.  40% of schools have no electricity.

Is this freedom? Corruption and violence is rife, agricultural and industrial production are lower, health conditions are poorer and the gap between rich and poor is even greater than it was during apartheid!


Who started apartheid in South Africa? It was the British who imposed segregation between whites and blacks way back when South Africa was a British Colony.

In his early years as a black activist, Nelson Mandela was involved in an anti-apartheid "freedom" group known as the African National Congress (ANC) with the goal of bringing rights and privileges back to blacks that had been taken away by the whites. After years of peaceful demonstrations, things turned violent. Mandela was arrested, imprisoned and given a life sentence.

Mandela's imprisonment became a public relations nightmare for South Africa's white criminal minority. During his imprisonment, a "Free Mandela" campaign attracted world wide attention to apartheid, white domination, terror, aggression, abuses, suffering, killing, torture and detentions. The whites had squandered South Africa's resources and used them to build a military machine and wage an unending war against the population of blacks.

Mandela had been called a terrorist by the Thatcher government, so how and why did this black terrorist become eligible for a British knighthood from the Queen and a Presidential Medal of Freedom award from George W. Bush?


"Free Mandella" campaigns and the ever-growing global anti-apartheid movement pressured South Africa's white minority into supporting the anti-apartheid movement of the ANC.
The ANC became guided and sponsored by two Communist Jews, Albie Sachs, "one of its foremost intellectuals"( London Sunday Times, August 29, 1993) and Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo, 1926-1995) who staged a terrorist war against the Apartheid government of South Africa. For publicity purposes, they used their Zionist-controlled mass media to bill their terrorist actions as "the people’s struggle”.
The white elites needed a black face to front their mining operations, so they released Mandella from prison after 27 years and installed him as South Africa's first black President "for a price".

The illusion that the indigenous people's had taken back control of their country was bought hook, line and sinker by the world and even by South Africans themselves! White ownership over the land was taken away and the land was returned to the blacks...but instead of bringing prosperity to South Africa, the wealth of the nation declined. Farming practices were abandoned which decreased exports and weakened the economy.


Before the transfer of power from the white minority to the black majority, the white Jewish Oppenheimer family controlled about 80 per cent of the companies quoted on the South African stock-market. They owned the gold, diamond and other mining industries on which the country depended. They also controlled the media through various frontmen.

Today, the Oppenheimers still control about 80 per cent of the companies on the South African stock-market. They still own the gold, diamond and other mining industries on which the country depends, and they still control the media via Henry Kissinger’s frontmen. The income from the exploitation of South Africa's vast resources is being funneled into foreign hands.

So what’s the difference between the white Brotherhood’s control of South Africa before apartheid and after apartheid? The difference is that no-one is complaining anymore. World condemnation of the racist white minority dictatorship in South Africa was successfully silenced and overt "white" control was replaced by covert "white" control.

The media monopolies glorified Mandella as a national hero, an icon of freedom while the same "whites" continued controlling South Africa just as they had done before, only now they were free to exploit without condemnation.

The shanty towns and corrugated iron ghettos are still there in Soweto and spreading out every day. The heart wrenching poverty is no longer front page news because everyone knows that South Africa is now free.


After Nelson Mandela's release from prison, Winnie Mandela was sentenced in 1991 to six years in prison for kidnapping and assault in the death of 14-year-old James Seipei "Stompie" Moeketsi.

She appealed her sentence and it was reduced to a suspended jail term. Winnie Mandela has also been found guilty on 43 counts of fraud and 25 counts of theft.

She is implicated in the murder of two ANC activists whose bodies have recently been exhumed.


People LOVE Mandela because he's a "saint", they say. He brought "freedom" to South Africa, blah blah blah. He's an enemy of poverty, blah blah blah.

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) used the dying Mandela as their political prop. In power since 1994, the ANC wanted to convince the public that it is still the party of Mandela despite widespread corruption and poverty.


In a controversial new book, MI6: Fifty Years of Special Operations, by the acclaimed intelligence expert Stephen Dorril, allegations of Mandela's recruitment by MI6 British intelligence service and his endorsement of UK spying operations based in
South Africa are revealed.

Now that Mandela has expired, South Africa is attempting to write his legacy and a eulogy for him while facing 40% unemployment, poor public education, devastating poverty and epidemic HIV and AIDS.

The nauseating outpouring of media praise for this Illuminati puppet is just that - nauseating!

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