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Treason At Benghazi


There is documented proof that Ambassador Stevens had been running guns for the CIA into Libya and Syria. There is also documented proof that the CIA annex near the US embassy in Benghazi was being used illegally as a prison for so called terrorists.

Just a few hours before the fatal attack at the embassy, US Ambassador Stevens was being watched as he took an unarmored vehicle from the embassy to a CIA safe house. That's where he met with the Turkish counsel who had ties with the White House. After having dinner together and discussing a plan, the Turkish counsel left. One hour later the attack began.



According to a timeline extracted from documents revealed by Glen Beck on The Blaze TV, the situation in the Middle East is critical thanks to US meddling and partnering with al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. To take out Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, the CIA supplied the rebels with US armament, rifles, laser guided mortars, and Stinger, shoulder mounted, surface to air missiles.

Ambassador Stevens was no ordinary diplomat. He was the arms dealer in the region under the employ of the CIA. On the night before the fatal attack, Ambassador Stevens appealed to the White House to get him out of there saying that he and his staff might not get out alive.



According to the timeline quoted from the documents obtained by Glen Beck, the attack on the US embassy began in the early morning hours. Ambassador Stevens wasn't there. He was at the CIA safe house, a newly built consulate with barred windows. The ambassador had minimal security with only three Navy Seals to protect him.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, Leon Panetta rushed Obama down to the situation room to watch the embassy attack in real time from the camera of a Predator Drone hovering above the area. The time was roughly 4:54 PM. The attack had been in progress for at least 2 hours. The Predator’s camera footage was not only being viewed by the White House, but was also being seen from CIA Headquarters at Langley.

By 5:00 PM (EST), a flash traffic message from the US intelligence center in Tripoli was sent to the White House advising them of the attack and the threat to the ambassador. A confirmed receipt of that flash traffic to POTUS was received and a similar communication was sent to the Geographic Combatant Commander of the region. AFRICOM command had standing orders to commence an immediate rescue mission with at least 100 armed troops.


Only the President, Vice President or Secretary of State has the authority to order a rescue mission or to stop the order. The flash traffic message was delivered to the President. He knew of the attack, knew the ambassador’s life was in danger, and his next action was to order a stand down on the rescue mission!

With real time visual transmission for most of the 7 hour attack on the Benghazi embassy as well as the ambassador’s abduction from the CIA safe house, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, CIA Director Patraeus and the regional AFRICOM Commandant among others were abreast of the situation when rocket-propelled grenades were fired on the US consulate.

Ambassador Stevens was allowed to die. He died along with the secret that CIA operations in the region involved arms deals to the Libyan and Syrian rebels via the Turkish counsel. Evidence that the the CIA annex was being used illegally as a prison was also destroyed in the attack.

No response. No rescue effort. No military intervention by US forces at all. That adds up to only one conclusion - a STAND DOWN ORDER! President Obama and company signed Ambassador Stevens death warrant on 9/11, 2012.



President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and CIA Director Petraeus have lied to the public and obstructed justice by ordering a stand down at the US Embassy and by callously watching the deaths of the Ambassador and his staff in real time through the Predator Drone camera hovering overhead.

An American military analyst says the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad organized the attack on the US consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi, Press TV reports.



Israeli forces produced the anti-Islam film, released it and led the attacks against the US consulate in Benghazi, Gordon Duff said in an interview with Press TV. The incident took place while a group of people held a demonstration against the anti-Islam movie produced in the United States. The anti-Islam film that was blamed for the attack was credited to a California man using the false ID - Sam (Im)Bacile.

“The attacks against the US consulate in Benghazi were, we believe, stimulated, paid for and organized by Israel’s Mossad and they had nothing to do with the Libyan people,” he added.


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