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Grace Powers Rant


It's hard to love your enemies when you think of all the false flag operations and the fake news stories about the burning of the Reichstag, Pearl Harbour, the Chile mine disaster, moon landing, UFO holograms over the white house, and 9/11.

The Zionist producers-writers-directors invent and mastermind the news, the wars, the revolutions. They fix elections. They own the politicans, the banks, the media, the universities and they own the "so called experts". Michio Kaku is a pop science shill. The whole global warming thing is BS. Sell-out scientists tell you anything their lies-for-profit owners want you to hear and they'll even make up studies to prove it.

The Zionists are masters of deception, illusion and propaganda. The 9/11 "official" story was pure fiction. It was authored by Zionist scriptwriters years before it happened and so was the Patriot Act. No Muslim terrorists. Just Muslim stooges.

What do the billionaire and trillionaire Zionists do for entertainment besides fooling, killing and robbing us blind? They don't sit around in pubs cheering for their favorite sports team because they own it and they already know who's going to win. They don't sit around playing virtual blood and guts videogames with each other on Xbox. Nope. Their enterainment is real blood and guts games, real wars and blowing up real people.

Are the conscienceless ruling crime families Satan worshippers? Nope. They are atheists. They worship themselves. They sell us BS religion and that includes Satanism. It's all BS. King Solomon and his legion of demons never existed. There is no historical-archeological evidence whatsoever for the existence of King Solomon or for most of the Biblical characters. Shape shifting could also be BS. The Zionist script writers make evil appetizing, alluring and seductive. They brand the banksters and royals as powerfully good and powerfully evil because it adds to their power and mystique.

The mainstream and non-mainstream media is saturated with BS stories about God, Satanism, aliens, UFO's, global warming. The Zionist producers-writers-directors are masters of deception and illusion. They fake things. Many of the guys who are telling the BS stories actually believe them because they're outsiders.

So who and what can you trust? It all comes down to the question, "What is reality?"

The most important DVD I have ever made or ever will make is called Power Shift...yet it is the least popular. Why? Because it is ahead of its time and people aren't ready for the answer.

What is reality? Reality is a make-believe world that we are made to believe is real.

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