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Royal Wedding Hangover



We know that art imitates life...but does life imitate art? At Buckingham Palace it does. The palace scripwriters, promoters and publicity agents turned the entire wedding-of-the-century into a flawless, real life Disney show. Not since Princess Diana’s funeral have the British Royals received press coverage on such a massive scale.

Kate "Cinderella" Middleton is living proof to females everywhere that dreams and fairytales really do come true. The swishy gowns and hats and horse drawn carriages aren't just empty wishes after all.

Thanks to Kate, Cinderella wannabes have renewed faith that a Prince charming will come along and rescue them from pesky bills so they can stay home, be on vacation for the rest of their lives and paint their toenails a perfect shade of pink.


The British media gave Kate the nickname 'Waity Katey’ She waited eight long years for William to propose to her by repeating the mantra, ‘One day my Prince will come’.

What do Waity Katey and Cinderella have in common? Besides pleasing their powerful Prince and wallowing in dependency and delayed childhood with no adult responsibilities - NOTHING.

The British Royal Family with its long history of beheadings, drug trafficking and brutal colonization doesn't encourage independent thinking from princesses. Look what happened to Diana when she started thinking independently.



The Illuminati Disney Corporation and Buckingham Palace are masters at the art of deception. The life and liberty of humanity requires the unmasking of these deceptions. The unmasking begins with the knowledge that Disney and the major Hollywood Movie Studios are promoters of the occult.

The Cinderella movie is Disney's most successful animated film. One of the movie's most popular central characters is a pet cat named "Lucifer" (Satan).

Disney cleverly uses the cat, Lucifer, in a subtle, yet insiduous context within the film. By naming the cat Lucifer, Disney shows him as a loveable symbol of rebellion.



In naming the black cat after the Adversarial Angel, Lucifer--who rebelled against God--and was cast out of Heaven, Disney brings Lucifer to life as a 'familiar' archetype, spirit and companion.

Cinderella comments that "Lucifer (Satan) has his good side". What "Satanic" message does that comment send to millions of children around the world?

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