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Bin Laden's Killer


How truthful, reliable and credible were the words of Benazir Bhutto during a BBC interview when she identified "Omar Sheikh" as "the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden"?

She makes this statement causally and matter-of-factly as if she expects everyone to already knows this! If this was a misstatement, she did not correct herself, nor did the interviewer call attention to it.

Bhutto's statement was so reliable and so credible and so truthful that the BBC censored and edited it out of the interview. The original and the edited versions can be seen in this youtube video.

Not only did Benzir Bhutto, who served twice as Prime Minister of Pakistan, identify Bin Laden's assassin...but she also identified her own would-be assassins in the event of her death by assassination.

Benazir Bhutto was gunned down and assassinated in 2007 while campaigning in her open motorcade as leader of Pakistan's opposition party.

Who is Omar Sheikh, the man who Benazir Bhutto identified as Osama Bin Laden's killer?


Omar Sheikh is a man with many names and many roles. He is the same man who was sentenced to death for masterminding the highly publicized kidnapping and murder of Jewish Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl in 2002. Ironically, he may be innocent of that crime but guilty of far more serious crimes.

Omar Saeed Sheikh is a British-born militant and son of a wealthy Pakistani clothing manufacturer. He studied mathematics and statistics at the London School of Economics. While still at school, he started a successful shares and equities business. [South Asian Outlook, 3/02] In college he was a chess champion, world class arm wrestler, and martial arts expert - a rare combination of physical and mental prowess. [Rediff, 2/6/02]


Because of his impressive abilities in economics and mathematics, as well as his fluency in English and complete understanding of Western society, Omar Sheikh was a very valuable asset to any terrorist group on both sides of the fence - especially British-US-Israeli Intelligence groups and their manufactured 'WAR OF TERROR".

Omar Sheikh moved to south Asia where he began his career as a hostage-taker in Kashmir and Afghanistan. Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl disappeared in Karachi while tracking the relationship between Pakistani intelligence (ISI) and terrorist groups. Prosecutors alleged that Omar Sheikh had lured Daniel Pearl into a trap by promising to arrange an interview for him with an Islamic cleric. Three convicted accomplices in Daniel Pearl's murder were sentenced to 25-years each and seven more suspects, including those who actually murdered Pearl, are believed to be still at large.

In a statement read to reporters by his lawyer after his trial and death sentence, Omar Sheikh defiantly said, "We'll see who will die first, me or the authorities who have arranged the death sentence for me," he said.

The kidnapping of Daniel Pearl was not Omar Sheikh's first. He became notorious in 1994 with the kidnapping of three Britons and one American in Delhi. A shootout followed and the four captives were released. After five years in jail, Omar was freed by the Indian government on December 31, 1999 to meet the demands of hijackers who had seized an Indian Airlines jet.

Omar Sheikh worked for Pakistan's ISI. The ISI is one of the best and well organized intelligence agencies in the world and is responsible for safe guarding national security inside and outside Pakistan.


The Bush Administration directly "cooperated" with Pakistan's military intelligence (ISI) even after 9/11.



Omar Sheikh is known to have stayed in Afghanistan at a Kandahar guesthouse for several days, conferring with Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar and Osama bin Laden. An ISI colonel then escorted him to a safe house in Pakistan. [Vanity Fair, 8/02]

According to Newsweek, once in Pakistan, Omar Sheikh "lived openly—and opulently—in a wealthy Lahore neighborhood. US sources say he did little to hide his connections to terrorist organizations, and even attended swanky parties attended by senior Pakistani government officials." This led to speculation that he was a "protected asset" of the ISI. [Newsweek, 3/13/02] Omar Sheikh even brazenly made a trip to Britain to visit his family there [Vanity Fair, 8/02] Did he also have a "double agent" clandestine meeting with British MI6?

Pakistani police claim that Omar Sheikh spent time serving as a guerrilla warfare instructor at training facilities in Afghanistan. [Washington Post, 2/18/02] He also reportedly helped devise a secure, encrypted Web-based communications system for al-Qaeda. "His future in the network seemed limitless; there was even talk of one day succeeding bin Laden." [Vanity Fair, 8/02]

Benazir Bhutto did not say WHEN or WHERE Omar Sheikh murdered Osama Bin Laden. According to reliable sources, he was murdered in December of 2001.


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