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Understanding The Illuminati


Fortunately, the Illuminati are extremely arrogant and love to flaunt their intellectual superiority. Why fortunately?

Because if they were entirely secretive about themselves, we wouldn't be able to figure out how their minds work and how to defeat them.


We can learn about the mindset of the Illuminati and how to defeat them by examining their beliefs. To start with, they are not atheists. Their god is Lucifer but they do not view Lucifer as evil. To them, Lucifer is the Light-bringer, the true source of all knowledge, wisdom and power.

The goal in their philosophy is to become fully imbued with the Light of Lucifer. Anyone who reaches this state of ‘illumination’ is known as "Illuminatus" which is singular for Illuminati.

The Illuminati Mindset

Some people ask, "how can any normal human being think like these people"? But they are not normal and some even question if they are human. Their whole view of the world is utterly different from ours. They are not crazy or deranged. In fact, they prize rationality much more than the average person.

Many of them appear to justify their radical New World Order plan on the following basis:

The world’s population is expanding at an unsustainable rate. If it is not tightly controlled, the planet will collapse into chaos. Democracy creates the increasingly dangerous situation of ever-expanding government debt and ever-expanding population. The answer is to put the power exclusively in the hands of those who really know how to govern, reduce the population to a sustainable level, provide stable government and end all wars caused by national, ethnic and religious strife.

The Illuminati believe extreme measures are needed to bring about planet ‘sustainability. If millions must die in a brief cataclysm to save the planet, then such action is necessary. In their eyes, they are not brutes but supreme realists, acting in accord with universal moral laws. Their mindset is shaped by the following principles that they consider "noble":

  • the end justifies the means
  • the strong are morally entitled to rule
  • the weak are spiritually deficient and therefore expendable
  • the strong will conceal their identity until they are ready to take over
  • all values other than those of the Illuminati are false
  • survival and prosperity depend on total control
  • there is no absolute right or wrong outside of human will

The methods seem harsh but they are considered realistic and necessary. The Illuminati are not motivated by greed. They already have more money than they could ever use in their lifetime. For them the real thrill is the power and perverse satisfaction they get from acquiring more and more power and control control. They are power junkies and they are incapable of reconsidering their commitment to a perverse agenda.

The Moral Code of the Illuminati

As strange as it may seem, the Illuminati have a moral code. This list is incomplete but it exemplifies the way they think and what we can expect in the near future:

  • Before you destroy your enemy, you must tell him what you are going to do to him.
  • Revenge is not just pleasurable, it is necessary.
  • Everything must be in balance. All negative acts must be matched by positive ones.
  • The strong are morally obliged to exploit the weak for a greater purpose.
  • Power is real. Love and compassion are illusions to comfort the weak.
  • Every action has the right time and place in the cosmic order.
  • Sacrifices are necessary for the greater good.
  • The end justifies the means

As part of their moral code, the Illuminati are telling the world what they are planning to do. Different aspects of their plan are revealed through movies, books, television series, and even ads for commercial products. Hollywood movies over the next two years will reveal coming events in a startling way.

Their murals also reveal their planned events.




The ultra-rich make a point of donating large sums of money to philanthropic causes. Such ‘positive’ Karma is believed to cancel out or balance their ‘negative’ Karma.

The Illuminati belief in astrology and cosmic mechanics influences their decisions. The right action can be negated if it is carried out on the wrong day. This is why they like to initiate major events on days of occult significance.

Illuminati Sport and Humor

The Illuminati's superior intellect is not challenged or entertained by the petty preoccupation of the ignorant masses with sports, pop music, soap operas, game trivia and Hollywood gossip. Their sports and entertainment are "real war games", not "video" war games. They use real armies and blow up real people instead. The world is their "chess board" where they move armies around like toy soldiers and test their weaponry. Calculating their next "move" and deceiving and making fun of the gullible masses is their favorite "sport".

As for humor, targeting cities on the world map like "FUK U" Shima, Japan and "BAM", Iran" with their HAARP earthquake weaponry is hysterically funny for them. http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/news287_free.html

What's even funnier is pocketing all the donations that people send to their fake charities afterwards.http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/news181_charity.html

Are the Illuminati a Zionist or Jewish Conspiracy?

The Illuminati today are not a Jewish cartel, though many of their most influential members are ethnically Jewish. The core of the Illuminati is comprised of the wealthiest members of the Anglo-American Establishment, European royal families and a number of Jewish banking dynasties.

The infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were not a forgery, but neither were they strictly Zionist. One has only to consider global developments since they were published in 1905 to see how closely they reflect the diabolical strategy described in the Protocols. Some commentators believe the strategy is revised slightly with each generation to reflect changing world conditions. The ‘cattle’ or goyim to which they refer are not gentiles. http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/predictions_8.html

Illuminati Elitism

The Illuminati regard science and technology as the key to the unlimited expansion of human influence in the universe. Eventually man will solve the problem of ageing and travel into space to colonise distant planets. In time, they believe, the superior man can become even stronger through the incorporation into his body of electronic and genetic enhancements.

The Illuminati conceive of the universe in dynamic, dualistic terms – good and evil, positive and negative, male and female, strong and weak, light and darkness. The true goal of any human is to acquire such a perfect knowledge of good and evil that he (or she) can rise in triumph above the cosmic conflict and live like a god.

The Illuminati believe that few humans have the strength to become an "Illuminatus". They are consuming the earth’s resources and polluting the planet. Those who study the Illuminati believe they intend to depopulate large regions of the planet so the planet can return to its natural state. This coincides with the End Time scenario described in the Christian Bible's Book of Revelation, where a huge proportion of mankind is destroyed in a matter of months through disease, famine and other calamities. It appears that the Illuminati are using the Bible as a master plan for their end time agenda by fulfillling the prophecies.

The Illuminati see humans as dumb animals to be exploited. Only those who come from the elite bloodlines succeed in breaking out of the human-animal state and exalting themselves to the heights of Enlightenment and spiritual freedom.

The Ruling Elite and their Families

The families of the Elite have taught their "exclusivist" philosophy to their children for generations. The offspring of the Windsors, Bush's, Rockefellers, Rothschilds etc. carry on the gobal domination agenda of their ancestors. They work together to strengthen their collective influence in society. The Illuminati offspring are traditionally steered towards careers in banking, law and politics. In recent decades their level of hands-on involvement has greatly expanded to match the huge increase in power and influence that they now wield through multinational corporations and international institutions. Their children receive a first class education and the brightest ones get advanced training.

Once Illuminati members gain a high level foothold in key corporations and institutions, they open doors to their own kind. Since this process has continued for generations, they now control and influence major organisations in every industrialised country either directly or through a proxy.

The Illuminati also use non-Illuminati members whose skills and disposition are useful to them. If you view all of this as merely a farfetched ‘conspiracy’ – you are missing the point. It has long been known that wealthy and influential people work together to advance their respective interests. Such cabals and cartels are often referred to as a ‘golden circle.’ The only distinctive feature of the Illuminati cartel is that it has been operating for a very long time, that it works across national boundaries, and that its most influential members are practitioners of the occult. The evidence is clearly written in the observable depravity of the human condition and the lessons of history.

The Illuminati Cartel

Of all the subversive, self-serving organisations that have existed since the Middle Ages, none have been as ruthlessly ambitious and strategically clever as the Illuminati. That’s why they're on top.

One of the hallmarks of the Illuminati is their ability to create secret organisations which serve their purpose. In this way they can exercise control over those who manage the most important institutions in society. And since the members of these organisations are bound by a secret oath and are expected to be unfailingly obedient to members of higher rank, they can be manipulated in ways they don’t understand.

The best known of these secret organisations is that of Freemasonry which is their most effective tool for advancing their agenda. It is a honey-trap for aspiring and ambitious businessmen and professionals. Freemasonry grew out of the occult societies of the Middle East, mostly Cabala, Egyptian magic and the mystery schools of ancient Greece.

Albert Pike, Guiseppi Mazzini and Lord Palmerstown brought together the various branches of Freemasonry and unified them. This included the creation of an elite and profoundly Luciferian school of Masonry known as the Palladian Rite.

By 1870, the Illuminati had the global reach they needed to undermine the independence and sovereignty of leading industrialised countries and bring them into a consolidated system of global governance. This is the infamous New World Order which American Presidents, British Prime Ministers and other international leaders have been alluding to for the past twenty years.

The Illuminati Plan

The Illuminati have been setting ‘dominoes’ in place over the past hundred years with deliberately engineered flashpoints – the Middle East, North and South Korea, Kashmir and Taiwan. They are destabilizing large parts of the globe. A confrontation between between Israel and Islam, Pakistan and India – both of which have nuclear capabilities – could ignite into a full-blown third world war.

Most of the suffering in Europe will come through an "orchestrated" oil and food shortage, an "orchestrated" collapse of the international banking system, and "orchestrated" terrorist activity. The use of biological weapons or earthquake-generating technology cannot be ruled out. This appears to be part of the plan. They have drawn it into their murals. http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/news205_bank.html

Illuminati planning is not entirely predictable because they continually modify and update their strategy with changing circumstances. This allows them to conceal their subversive activities beneath the cloak of normal events and to take maximum advantage of arising conditions.

There are strong indications that the Illuminati intend to destabilise the United States through the use of nuclear devices (eg. dirty bombs) which they will then blame on radical Islamists. The Illuminati will then exploit the ensuing chaos to bring the entire continent under martial law and imprison dissidents. The most trusted leaders of the dissidents also serve the illuminati agenda. The Illuminati cleverly control both sides of every conflict, revolution, war and movement. http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/news271_Jones.html

The US was deliberately built up during the 20th century to become the powerhouse of the world economy. The dollar reigned supreme in international trade, world banking and the financial markets. Nearly all major industrial and technological developments were designed to originate in this large, stable, and ever-growing economy. This ensured that, when it collapsed in accordance with the Illuminati timetable, the world economy as a whole would be thrown into turmoil.

This is what Marxism was designed to achieve. Turmoil. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton based her graduation thesis on Marxist Saul Alinsky’s works. It is no surprise that President Obama who appeared out of nowhere in 2007 taught Saul Alinsky Marxism for several years. Alinsky's book, Rules for Radicals, which he dedicated to Lucifer, is so subversive, so inhumanly destructive, that it makes Machiavelli seem like a choir boy. http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/news295_birth.html


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