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More Stinking Royal Doo-Doo

Less than two months before the media-hyped wedding of Prince William, Britain's Windsor Royal family finds itself in deep doo-doo once again.

Prince Andrew, the Queen's second son has been exposed in the news media for:

  • being friends with convicted Jewish paedophile Jeffry Epstein who gave the Prince 15,000 pounds to help pay off some of his blackmailing ex-wife Fergie's massive debts.
  • being involved and photographed with a child prostitute
  • for his ties to the son of Libyan leader Gadhafi
  • for hosting the son of the recently ousted Tunisian dictator just prior to his fall.

Photos published in the British media show Andrew strolling in a park with Epstein — the New York billionaire jailed for soliciting child prostitutes in Florida. A photograph has also emerged showing Andrew with his arm around the waist of the child prostitute who is at the centre of that case. It has emerged that Andrew allegedly enjoyed massages at the Florida mansion where the Epstein child sexual abuse went on.

Prince Andrew's personal and financial involvement in the affairs of a convicted child sex abuse criminal casts an ugly shadow over the Windsor royal family's already damaged reputation. The Queen herself has recently been named in the abduction of 10 aboriginal residential school children. http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/news263_queen.html

British lawmaker Chris Bryant has called for the uncle of Prince William to be fired from his post as UK trade envoy. You have to wonder what role the British royal Prince has played in the unfolding chaos that has weakened the Muslim nations that surround British-Israel.

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