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Why are the Royals collecting Oscars?

Remember the touching Oscar winning propaganda movie "The Queen" designed to resurrect the Queen's "heartless" image after Diana's murder? Well, Hollywood and the Royals are at it again - this time with another Oscar winning propaganda movie about the father of the Queen. (The Kings' Speech)

How does the British government justify their lavish taxpayer spending on Prince William's wedding after it just tripled the cost of student tuition fees? Make another Hollywood propaganda movie about how sensitive, caring, human and deserving the royals are!

These propaganda movies are all about making the world forget the ruthless, genocidal history of the British royal family - to forget how they lied, cheated, looted, polluted, tortured, strangled, enslaved, colonized and beheaded their way to wealth and power over the world's ignorant "commoners".

The Evil Empire: 101 Ways That The British Royals Ruined the World

They invented slums. They invented child labor. They amassed their present day wealth and power through the black slave trade and the opium trade. They put Saddam Hussein in power. They burned Joan of Arc at the stake. The horrific evil deeds of the Royal evil doers are unspeakable.

In The Evil Empire, American author Steven Grasse documents 101 cruel atrocities - everything from foxhunting to the invention of the concentration camp. Grasse offers a devastating critique of the country that gave us the machine gun, factory labor, and the metric system. That oppression continues "in disguise" to this day through International Freemasonsry, the Order of the Garter and the Committee of 300 headed by the British Royal Family. Dr. John Coleman's book called Conspirators Hierarchy - The Committee of 300 documents the elite power structure and their crimes against humanity.

They Exterminated Millions

Modern Britain was founded through the systematic killing of indigenous people, their culture and language. The English rounded up natives, seized their property, and forced them to relinquish their heritage and take on the British language and culture as their own. Dissenters were exterminated. This practice began in Scotland, Wales and Ireland and soon spread to North America and all over the world, where the British Empire plundered natural resources and enslaved native peoples.

They Enslaved Millions

Beginning in the 18th century, Britain introduced machines in the workplace. The health, safety, and wages of workers took a back seat to owners' greed for ever-higher output and profits. The skies above the city—first London, then the world—were filled with black smoke. Waters were poisoned with noxious chemicals. Under the careless watch of Britain's royal elite, the abominable consequences of the Industrial Revolution have been felt through the centuries. The melting of the polar icecaps, the loss of countless plants and animal species, and the imperiled condition of the human race on a planet poisoned by misapplied technology are all a consequence of British negligence and greed at any cost.

They Terrorize

Today's terrorist threat has its roots in British mismanagement of the Middle East, particularly Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Britain's imperialist past has enraged Muslim extremists. Now America is deploying their sons, daughters, and tax dollars to clean up the mess that Britain made. The deaths caused by all the wars (orchestrated for profit) of the 19th and early 20th century could have been prevented. The worst tyrants in power through the end of the 20th century were put there by the British, or came to power by filling the power vacuum the British Empire left behind.

Machine guns, slums, prisons, child labor, bad hygiene, the Black Plague, concentration camps, you name it. If it hurts people, the British came up with it. Adding insult to injury, Britain has been very aggressive about making other countries pay for their historical misdeeds. They have extracted exorbitant reparations payments from Germany, France, and China, among others.

They Hooked the Chinese on Opium

"Such was the fate of the estimated fourteen million Chinese who were hooked on opium by 1900. Their lost livelihoods and broken homes amounted to little more than so many hash marks on John Bull's ledger. Dauguong, the Chinese emperor, was so fed up with the Brits' drug-dealing ways that in 1839 he expelled the British opium traders from his country. They soon returned with gunboats, willing to use violence to keep the Chinese hooked. After enduring such a trauma at the hands of the Evil Empire, is it any wonder China eventually succumbed to the siren song of Communism?"

They Invented the Machine Gun

"Invented and named for Sir Hiram Maxim, the Maxim gun could fire five hundred rounds a minute, giving teams of five men the firepower of one hundred muskets. Known as the Devil's Paintbrush for its ability to sweep the field clean with one pivot of its howling muzzle, the Maxim gun marked a turning point in the history of modern warfare. No longer was war a gentleman's game, with staged battles guided by the laws of chivalry. Now it was a mad rush to see who could pile the enemy bodies up higher and faster."

They Took the Soul Out of Rock & Roll

"During the Raj, the British East India Company harvested India's native cotton and shipped it back to factories in Liverpool and Birmingham. There it was woven into cheap, mass-produced fabric and sold back to the Indians. The Raj ended in 1947, but an even more insidious form of mercantilism soon took its place, where British musicians would harvest classic forms of music perfected by the American working class, wring out album after album of cheap, imitative fluff, and market the watered-down result back to hapless American audiences. This tradition of befouling American airwaves begun by Sergeant Pepper's march up the charts continues today with Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, the Arctic Monkeys, and other pieces of audio tripe."

They Think Kings and Queens Are Better Than the Rest of Us

"And who exactly does the Prime Minister minister report to? The British people? Hate to break it to you pal, but it's the Queen. To this day, the British political universe revolves around an old lady who didn't do a lick of work to get there. Now, the progressive lad down at the pub will tell you that the royal family is kept around for purely ceremonial reasons, sort of like the giant Mickey Mouse balloon that floats down Fifth Avenue in New York every Thanksgiving and spends the rest of the year mothballed in a warehouse. If that were the case, would British taxpayers willingly pay £37 million each year for her royal retinue, wardrobe, and upkeep?"

The so called "royal family" is basically German. They are seated on almost every throne in Europe. They are the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg bloodline, which intermarried with the Kassel-Hesse German nobility and claim Jewish descent from the royal house of David in ancient Israel. By the 1600's, the thrones of Europe were mainly occupied by extremely wealthy Germans, earning vast profits from peasant labor, slavery, and the international opium trade. This Germanic family known by the titles of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Schleisweg-Holstein-Habsburg-Romanov-Cassel-Hesse share the same genetic bloodline. The British King Goerge the "V"and Czar Nicholas of Russia were cousins.

Queen Victoria who is thought to be the most British of all Queens married a German and she usually wrote in German. Queen Victoria was not popular. She was hissed in public, and there were over seven attempts to kill her. Under her rule, the populous was kept ignorant (just as they are to this day). Adults and children worked exhaustively as slaves in workhouses with no protection against hypothermia. A crippling poll tax was imposed. This was the modus operandi of Queen Victoria and all her relatives sitting on the throne across Europe. Inhumane slums and widespread poverty was common across the whole of Europe right up until the 1970's.

Even now, in the 21's century, large numbers of British people live in concrete boxes without adequate education, and are therefore unable to find a profession and lift themselves out of poverty.

Every British and European monarchy has a history of murder by a brother, cousin or wife. Even royal mothers have killed their own children. King William the II of England was murdered by his own brother who became King Henry the first. King Henry II of England imprisoned his wife for many years and murdered his archbishop. King Henry's son was the wicked King Jon, who had his own nephew murdered. (8) In 1212, he personally oversaw the hanging of 28 young boys in Wales. The young Princes Edward and Richard were imprisoned and stabbed to death by order of their Father, King Richard III.

For centuries, the royals devised horrific tortures for anyone accused of treason and for questioning "the royal will." A "traitor" would have each arm and leg tied to 4 horses which were whipped to gallop in opposite directions, thus ripping the victim into four parts while alive.The royal elite would divide the victims heart into sections, and send them for public display to different parts of the country as a warning.

The Oscar for The King's Speech leaves anyone-in-the-know speechless.

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