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Dr. Joye outs Prince Wiiliam


Fasten your seat belt. You're in for a wild ride.

Biblical prophecy scholar and author, Dr. Joye Pugh believes that her research has uncovered the true identity of the Antichrist. His arrival, she claims, is the result of a millenia-long plan put into action by nefarious forces around the globe.

As a child, Dr. Joye  had a "troubling" apocalyptic dream which planted the seed for her future research. Researching her dream is what inspired the books she has written including "Eden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666" and " ANTICHRIST - The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ." Her books are based on historical facts and scientific analysis.

Joye writes about her take on what really happened in the Garden of Eden and how it set the stage for a humanity-long conspiracy spearheaded by Satan. She explains how the true tale of the Garden of Eden is much different from the "apple" and "snake" storybook version that many have been told in Sunday school. She believes that Eve bore a son, Cain, with the serpent of Eden, which produced a lineage of Satanic hybrids.


The Shroud of Turin, says Joye, is a legitimate artifact from Jesus' crucifixion and has been used, by modern science, for nefarious purposes.  The Shroud is real, says Joye. Carbon dating of this artifact may have been a conspiracy to conceal its legitimacy. Evidence found in the Book of Revelation suggests that the Antichrist is a demonic clone. Clones do not have a soul which makes them the perfect vehicle for demonic influence.

Joye's research unearths a myriad of clues suggesting that  Princess Diana was used by the Royal Family as a "sacrificial lamb" to usher in the Antichrist - Prince William. She believes the Shroud of Turin will eventually be proven legitimate and Prince William's DNA will match Christ's DNA taken from the shroud. When it is revealed that Prince William shares the same DNA as Christ (cloned), the public will embrace him as the Messiah. Dr. Joye ties this event in with a staged "alien threat" which, she believes, will frighten the public into trusting Prince (King) William as their leader and protector. Her theory ties in with 2012, the London Olympics, secret excavations in Iraq, ley lines, and HAARP.

Dr. Joye tells people what they should be looking for, in the future, as proof that Prince William is the Antichrist. If Prince William is the Antichrist, does that mean he has no empathy for the death of his mother? Dr. Joye answers that question by speculating on the timing of when Satan will take possession of the prince- some time after the death of his mother.  

If Dr. Joye Pugh's research and predictions are accurate, that would make her a dangerous threat to the Antichrist's plan...so why would she be allowed to publicize it? Because the occult forces know that the majority of the public consider her thesis, at best, to be entertainment nonsense.

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