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Syrial Killers


October 2015

Have you figured out what's going on in Syria and what the Bible says about Armageddon? The Bible babble written by god-inspired authors of the Bible is confusing. What is the all-knowing, all-powerful Bible god planning for his favorite people and his pet nation-of Isra-hell?  Doesn't the bombing of the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria) back to the Stone Age and Russia, Iran entering Syria look like the start of fulfilling Bible prophecy?

Who is the anti-Christ? When is he coming? If the all-knowing God inspired the authors of the Bible to write what they wrote, why aren't God's messages perfectly clear?  Why did God promise and reserve the "promised land" exclusively for Jews? The Bible says the land God promised to the Jews includes Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, part of part of Libya and Turkey, and of course all of Israel including Gaza and the West Bank? What is perfectly clear is that the all knowing, all powerful God of the Bible is racist. He discriminates. He didn't promise land to any other race. Just his "chosen people" - the Jews. Why does God favor the Jews over all others?


Here is a video to help you figure out what the Bible says about the end-time war against Israel. Why is the all-knowing God having so much trouble communicating with us?  Doesn't he know who's going to be aligned with who in the end times?

Israel is at the center of all the controversy in the Middle East and according to the Bible, everyone turns against Israel in the end times.


So what does the Bible say about what's going to happen next? It says God is coming back and in all his wrath, he's going to punish all those for not believing the right religion. God is coming back 'cause he's furious with everyone except his goyim believers and his Jewish chosen ones.

The end times story is centered around Israel. All the nations form a huge army to attack little Israel, yet the Bible doesn't mention why all the nations are aligned against Israel.  Not one end times apologist has covered this end of days eschatological point. Why does everyone hate Israel and God's holy chosen ones enough to attack them and their occupied chosen land?

The answer is religious fundamentalism.


Religion is power, and when three of the world's power religions come together in Jerusalem, the bloodshed is Biblical.  For some strange reason Christians, Muslims and Jews think Jerusalem is the holiest of all cities on the planet.

If Jerusalem was nuked, it would put an end to all three Abrahamic hell-spawns in a blinding flash of thermonuclear glory. One bomb solves the problem for all time and would derail all three religions with one blast.

If God wrote the Bible through God-inspired authors, then he gets an "F" in composition because no one has ever figured out what he means by most of the Biblical passages since there are hundreds of different interpretations. 42,000 different Christian denominations in the United States proves that Yahweh's message is not clear. Which denomination is going to transport you to heaven into the arms of a racist God who also admits to being a jealous god?

Amerika is an indoctrinated, God fearing police state. Both the DEMS and GOPS are Yahweh war mongers. The people pay taxes, most of which is spent on bombing, killing, occupying and looting the Muslim nations that surround israel.


Amerika infiltrates, divides, bombs and loots nation after nation into total ruin. They have gang-banged Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. They have even bombed "Doctors Without Borders hospitals! Yet their news channels report how brutal and barbaric the dictators of other countries are??? What hypocrisy!

The tide is turning. Amerika has successfully assassinated all of the leaders of the nations they have bombed and raped - except Syria. What are the results of removing these so called dictators (who Amerika trained and installed in the first place)? Chaos. Refugees. Homelessness. Starvation. Death.

At last, Russia has intervened. They are protecting Assad, the leader of Syria, and kicking out the US sponsored rebels. Amerika is finished in Syria. It's time for Uncle Sam to pack up and go home and let Putin mop up the mess.

Americans are without a moral compass (thanks to the Zionist owned and controlled media) and Obama is their joker. Will Americans ever realize what they've supported and done to the world? Not likely. They've been indoctrinated with, "We are number one. We are the most powerful. We rule! We kick ass!"

By Yukon Jack (revised) and Grace Powers

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