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Disney's Naughty Subliminals


Are they "Subliminal" messages or just the dirty minds of the perceivers?

The Disney Corporation has always been known for putting subliminal messages in some of their most famous animated movies. Many of the messages, which are not subliminal, can be either seen or heard if you listen or look close enough.

Every time a new Disney film comes out, "message hunters" compete to see who can find them first and then post them on youtube or write about them in their blogs.






Disney's Subliminal Messages

It's important to have a basic understanding of subliminal messaging. The word subliminal literally means “below threshold”. It means you are not aware of the message – it is below the threshold of your conscious perception. However you will still take the message in on some level as your subconscious mind processes it and stores this information still. Subliminal messaging therefore refers to the action of sending a suggestion directly into the subconscious mind.

Are there subliminal messages in Disney movies?

Yes, absolutely! Disney is notorious for using subliminal messages across its short animations, Tv series and movies. In fact it’s a tradition of the studio. They use both subliminal and consciously visable subtle suggestions. When a new Disney film comes out, subliminal message hunters compete to find the messages in these movies and post them on youtube and various blogs around the internet.

So Which Disney films use subliminal messages? Lol, almost all of them! The practice of including hidden messages goes right back to the early Mickey Mouse Goofy short movie animations. It stated decades ago, and nearly all of their movies contain subliminal references to "adult" words, and even images.

The animated TV series South Park has recently made light of Disney's reputation and showed Mickey Mouse using the Jonas Brothers as a way to introduce sex to young girls. Many people will argue that these occurrences are just coincidences, but how can Disney make a "mistake" this many times? Below is a short list of where you can find examples of Disney's naughty messages:

1. The Little Mermaid - The priest has an erection as he is performing Eric and Ursula's wedding. This has been edited out of modern DVD releases. Among other hidden erotica in The Little Mermaid, the cover is very phallic.

The artist sent the cover for approval and it was decided that some changes were to be made. However, no changes were ever made to the original VHS cover, and the audience received the intended message. There is also a point in the movie where Ariel is leaning on a rock. In the lower right hand corner, you can see a gun resting on the same rock.

2. Aladdin - When Aladdin is trying to get Jasmine's attention out on the balcony, you can hear him whisper, "Good teenagers take your clothes off." Ironically, Jasmine's face is stunned in the next frame. When being bucked off of the horse he was riding, Jafar says, "Take off your clothes". That's twice in one movie!

3. Pocahontas - Throughout the entire movie, the word "sex" is spelled out in various frames. Also, there are times where the men in the movie are making sexual suggestions with their hands.

4. The Lion King - While atop a cliff thinking about his father, Simba stares at the clouds which boldly spell out "sex". While Simba and his friends are walking with the moon behind them, the outline of a naked man with an erection can be seen in the upper right corner of the moon.

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