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Alert! Malaysian Plane Landed At Diego Garcia - Update


March, 2014


Nothing like it has ever happened in aviation history - a large plane with 239 people aboard vanishing without a trace. Cell phone calls not able to be traced. No radar tracings. Transponders turned off. No wreckage spotted.

The Indian Ocean is where air and sea teams are searching for the missing Malaysian plane...but no one dares to search the island of Diego Garcia. Why?

Because Diego Garcia is a US military "no fly" zone.



Look at the evidence trail. There is no doubt where Malaysian flight MH370 landed. Diego Garcia is a tropical coral island shaped like a footprint near the remote center of the Indian Ocean and accessible only by military transport.

Between 1968 and 1973, the entire population of 2,000 citizens were "illegally expelled" from the island by the British government so the USA could turn it into their most strategically important and secretive U.S. military installation outside the United States.

The Diego Garcia air base was a little-known launch pad for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It now houses a top-secret CIA prison where terror suspects are interrogated and tortured. The base operates completely independently of the constitution.

Diego Garcia has a huge runway that receives military transport planes about the same size as the Malaysian Boeing 777 and it is four hours flying time from Malaysia. Check out Google Earth and Google Map. There are clearly visible B-52 aircraft on site and a state-of-the-art satellite surveillance system that would show any aircraft even remotely flying close to it. Only government personal with a high security clearance work there.



Eye witnesses on the tiny island of Maldives in the Indian Ocean claim they spotted a "low-flying jumbo jet" more than seven hours after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 made its last contact with air traffic controllers.

Reports from the local media cite residents of Dhaalu Atoll, who indicated that they could see the red and white stripe that is painted on Malaysia Airlines aircraft. Their story confirms the plane was last seen flying in a south-eastern direction towards Diego Garcia.

The mainstream bankster owned media monopolies are discrediting and ignoring these eyewitness reports.


The important thing to know is that the plane could NOT have vanished according to the official story. Satellite data in search of the missing plane recieved the last "ping" from flight MH370 close to the Maldives and the US naval base on Diego Garcia.

It has been reported that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah's flight simulator was examined by authorities who discovered he had used it to practise landing at Diego Garcia.

On the Diego Garcia facebook page, all posts between March 6th and March 9th have been completely erased. Notice that no flights were scheduled for 3 days during the time MH370 went missing. All maintenance crew with a high security clearance were likely off on leave. Great time to sneak in an aircraft.

The Malaysian military plotted flight 370 on radar as it turned around and flew for a full hour in the direction of Diego Garcia until it disappeared from their military radars. The last radar blip happened at 29,500 feet and at that altitude, it disappeared from military radars after previously vanishing from civilian radars at 36,000 feet.

Only a "phase cancelling" electronic warfare platform could have done that and only an EW “escort” craft could have escorted flight 370 to its hijacked destination via a falsified transponder beacon or outright radar jamming. The USA not only has the EW technology, it also has the ability to silence the NSA about all of the passengers' cell phone locations.


Q. What motive would the United States military have for intercepting a Malaysian passenger plane with 239 people on board and landing it at their secretive military base in Diego Garcia?

A. To interrogate the 20 passengers on board from Freescale Semiconductor (12 from Malaysia and 8 from China) who were involved in cutting edge electronic warfare technology including weapons that can "cloak" or make planes invisible and appear to vanish?

A. To confiscate cargo destined for Bejing, China that was known to be on board the MH370 flight such as a gold shipment, a bioweapon or other weapons/info technology?

A. To test their "cloaking" electronic weaponry?http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/news1032_plane.html

Q. What happened to the passengers?

A. Passengers who were not "useful persons of interest" would have been disposed of?

Q. What happened to the plane?

A. The hijacked plane has been hidden inside an airport hangar in Diego Garcia? The plane was repainted and converted into an enemy plane (Russian or Iranian) to be used for a new false flag operation like 9/11 or other catastophic event to be blamed on the manufactured enemy?

A. The U.S. military has been dissembling parts of the plane (wing, tail, floatables) and discarding them in the search area where they want them to be discovered by the search and rescue teams?





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